Yes, I DO read non-fiction as well! Though, admittedly mostly it’s professional reading for my work as a librarian.

However, I’m a fan of a good memoir or biography plus I have always been aware of Rob Lowe, ever since seeing him in the movie Class and developing a bit of a crush (who wouldn’t with those gorgeous eyes and smile!) so I was keen to hear his story in his words.

This is a riveting read.  I have often become bogged down when reading these types of books in the past but Lowe has a light touch, a lovely way with words and, let’s face it, some great stories to tell.  I appreciated his ability to make you feel like he was sharing some really important parts of his life without ever crossing into “tell-all” territory. Being the same age as Lowe also made many of his recounts more relevant.  One of my favourites is when he describes being taken to a warehouse in LA where his aunt and uncle were working on the special effects for a film in 1977.  It was a fairly nondescript setting and seemed to be a “fly by the seat of your pants” undertaking.  But he was in fact describing the set for Star Wars!

If you are a Rob Lowe fan I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.  If you are in your 40’s and a film buff you’ll enjoy it.  If you’re a bit younger than that but a fan of Austin Powers, Wayne’s World or the West Wing you’ll enjoy it.

I thoroughly recommend it!