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I eagerly awaited my turn at the public library to read The Larnachs, the latest novel by renowned New Zealand author, Owen Marshall I have always been quite fascinated by Larnachs castle, after visiting as a child and attending the Knox Ball in the Larnach ballroom more than 25 years ago. So when I saw the Larnach family was the subject of Marshall’s latest offering, I was very keen to see what he had done with it.  I had never been aware of the supposition that there had been a love triangle between patriarch William, his much-younger third wife Connie and his younger son Dougie.

Marshall chose to tell the story from Connie and Dougie’s perspective by alternating chapters.  Both have a very strong voice and you become invested in their experiences. The characters are believable and Marshall paints the colonial New Zealand landscape very well.

The first half of the book was riveting.  I literally couldn’t put it down, but unfortunately for me the ending felt a long time coming.  Maybe this was because I had some basic knowledge of William Larnach and his life and so to a certain extent I knew what was coming.  But I think it was more due to the fact that I became less engaged with the “love story” aspect and found myself thinking “for goodness sake, just get on with it”.  Having said that, I would still recommend this as a satisfactory read to those who enjoy a good historical novel, especially with a New Zealand flavour.

For those who read The Larnachs and want to know more about William Larnach and his family you can check out what Te Ara, the encyclopaedia of New Zealand has published about him.


I do like a good Katie Fforde.  If you’re in need of a good romance where the women are down-to-earth and someone you can identify with who end of with their ‘handsome prince’ then you can’t go past FfordeRestoring Grace does what other books by Fforde does, and that it to give you the warm fuzzies, much as curling up with a hot chocolate and a good mushy movie does.

In Restoring Grace two very different young women with two very different sets of problems meet and through friendship, sharing and a fair bit of back-bone in the end realise their potential.  Most of Fforde’s books have this theme running through them.  There are no surprises, but that isn’t the reason you read them.  Be warned, they are addictive!

To check out the full list of books written by Katie Fforde and the opportunity to read the first chapters check out her website.

Highly recommended, satisfying fluff.